Bertify™ uses state-of-art blockchain technology to permanently archive your academic credentials and provides tools to instantly verify it's authenticity

Bertify™ is UK's first credential verification to offer

Self-sovereign ids * Dedicated blockchain for credentials * Zero-knowledge proofs

Permanent storage

Use of immutable records ensure your academic credentials or certificates persist for your entire life time.


Verification through network consensus means academic credentials once written into the ledger cannot be tampered with.

Always available

Multiple network nodes store copies of data which means the credentials are available even if one or more nodes in the network are unavailable.

Proves authenticity

Cryptographic digital proofs enhances confidence and trust in validity of the credentials.

Quick verification

Once the credential is issued, checks on authencity can be done instantaneously.

Privacy by design

Zero-knowledge proofs ensure the users always remain in control over what data is disclosed to others.

Bertify™ Process

Employing enterprise blockchain and cryptography engineering to redefine business process for the benefit of users

How does Bertify™ work?

The Bertify™ workflow is really simple. When learners complete their study, cryptographically signed credentials are issued by the 'Issuer', which are stored in a learner's wallet with a reference kept on the blockchain. The learners or 'Provers' can then present their credentials to 3rd parties and other agencies, also called the 'Verifiers', who are then able to instantly verify the authencity of the credential.

Bertify™ Components

The DApp consists of dedicated enterprise blockchain for credentials which provides the core functionality of a secure ledger. The other components include mobile and Web applications for end-users.


At the core of Bertify is the Sovrin-Network, a public permissioned enterprise ledger that incorporates robust consensus protocols for performance and scalability needs of credential issuing institutions

Client Wallet

Users will have access mobile wallets to store credentials and share it directly with potential employers and recruiters, anywhere and anytime and prove its authencity in minutes.

Bulk Certificate Issuing

Issers and HE institutions who wish to issue new credentials directly on blockchain will be given access to a REST based API facility for automated bulk deployment.

Integrated Verification

Third parties such as potential employers, agencies or even universities can integrate software libraries made available to them to easily integrate verification into their existing systems


Our team combines experience in blockchain technology and traditional software engineering, most important of all, with a strong focus on research and innovation..

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Keerthi Thomas

CEO/CTO & Founder

Demir Aykanat
Demir Aykanat Drama

CMO / Business Strategy

Kshema Raphael
Satheesh Bennet

COO / Project Management

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